Introducing Chopin’s Bartender’s Choice Vodka, a bold and straightforward variation of Chopin’s award-winning rye vodka crafted for those who desire a fuller flavor profile in their cocktails.

About Bartender's Choice

Born at the bar, for bartenders.

Chopin’s Bartender’s Choice is a bold and straightforward high-proof vodka. Inspired by bartenders and mixologists in search of a way to make spirit-forward cocktails, the Bartender’s Choice vodka offers a fuller flavor profile resulting in a pronounced taste when used in cocktails.

Boasting a 59.8% ABV (119.5 proof), the Bartender’s Choice is one of the world’s highest-proof vodkas. Yet, its character remains balanced, providing a smoky aroma laced with a slight hint of herbs. It delivers a distinctive flavor profile, rich with notes of black pepper and blackthorn, ultimately giving a pleasant, bittersweet finish that lingers with traces of almonds, apricots, and vanilla.

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Engage your senses with the expressive layers of our Bartender's Choice Vodka

Smokey with mineral notes and a hint of herbs

Expressive flavor profiles, layered with notes of crushed black pepper, mountain ash, and a hint of sloe berry sweetness.

A pleasant and long finish with bitter-sweet notes of almond, apricots, and raisins.

Craft Your Signature Cocktails

Unleash your creativity and reinvent your cocktail recipes with Chopin’s Bartender’s Choice Vodka. From a refreshing Sauvignon Sour to an adventurous Ginger Bliss, the possibilities are endless with the Bartender’s Choice. Explore our featured recipes.

Port Serenade

Ginger Bliss

Sauvignon Sour

Infuse Your Imagination

Enhance your signature cocktails with unique vodka-based infusions crafted with Bartender’s Choice. Whether you prefer the tanginess of fresh fruits or the soothing essence of tea, our vodka pairs perfectly with a diverse range of ingredients.

Chopin Bartender's Choice Vodka

A bolder choice for the discerning palate. Available in a 700ml bottle for $34.99 MSRP.

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