Discover Chopin Vodka

Chopin focuses on three styles of vodka – potato, rye and wheat. Each is a celebration of impeccable produce and masterful craft that draws out the unique flavor of the ingredients.

We don’t produce artificially flavored vodka and we never will. When ingredients are this pure, they speak for themselves.

All our crops are grown within 20 miles of our distillery near Krzesk, in the farming heartland of eastern Poland. This allows us to work closely with our suppliers to maintain the quality our vodka demands, personally selecting ingredients to ensure only the very best are used.

As for our water, it is drawn from an artesian spring deep beneath the earth, using our own on-site well.

Once in the hands of Chopin’s master distiller, an ancient alchemy transforms these humble ingredients into the world’s finest single-ingredient vodkas.

The Classic Collection

The world’s most awarded potato vodka. Creamy, full-bodied and naturally gluten-free.
Bold and peppery thanks to piquant Polish rye, with flavor all its own.
Our lightest, most delicate vodka, with a subtle sweetness.

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