Our estate covers 17 acres of farmland near the hamlet of Krzesk in Poland. Our ingredients are all grown within 20 miles, and our water comes directly from an artesian spring beneath our grounds.

Krzesk, Eastern Poland

52.0652° N, 22.6167° E

The Dorda Family

It’s rare to find a family business like ours in the vodka industry: hands-on from farm to bottle, and each of us motivated by a genuine mission to elevate the way people view and taste vodka.

Potato. Rye. Wheat. Humble ingredients, transformed into something truly special with water and heat.


Our distillery is the beating heart of Chopin Vodka, and its 19th-century copper column is one of the oldest stills left in Poland.

After taking over the business in 2003 we restored the distillery and its outlying buildings, and modernized the bottling and packaging facilities. Aside from those necessary updates, not much else has changed in more than a hundred years. We still use many of the same techniques that those who came before us did, working slowly and with painstaking attention to detail. This limits the amount of vodka we can produce, but ensures its quality is unsurpassed.

We pride ourselves in small-batch production and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Come inside our distillery

Follow the journey from field to bottle to discover how our award-winning potato vodka is made.

The potatoes are planted in spring, around the middle of April. We use a special high-starch variety.

The plants begin to flower about 10 weeks after planting.
By mid-to-late September the potatoes are ready to harvest.
It’s crucial the potatoes are distilled while fresh, so we work closely with our farmers to coordinate their deliveries. This sometimes means re-burying the potatoes in soil to keep them cool while they wait their turn in the distillery.
The potatoes are washed to remove all traces of soil.
They are then steam-cooked, transforming them into a mash that is ready for fermentation.
Our signature yeast strain is added to the potato mash and the fermentation process begins. This lasts two weeks.
The vodka is then distilled in our original copper still. Built in 1896, it is one of the oldest remaining stills in Poland.
From here, the vodka spirit is transferred into barrels, where it rests for two weeks to mellow and develop its flavor profile.
The vodka is then bottled and sealed on site, before being shipped around the world.

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