Chopin. Vodka like no other.

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In 1993 Chopin created the world’s first super premium vodka, and the luxury vodka category was born.

We’ve remained at the industry’s forefront ever since, driven by a guiding purpose: to show the world that well-made, ingredient-forward vodka is worthy of being sipped and savored in the same way as whiskey or wine.

As Poland’s last family owned vodka maker, we proudly produce small-batch, hand-crafted vodka from our own distillery in the pristine countryside of eastern Poland.

We know the best vodka is never ‘odorless’ or ‘tasteless,’ so we invite you to try our collection of single-ingredient vodkas and discover for yourself just how nuanced, complex and flavorful vodka can truly be.

Potato. Rye. Wheat. The three pillars of traditional vodka, each yielding its own distinct flavor.

Inspired by bartenders and mixologists in search of spirit-forward cocktails. Bartender’s Choice is a high-proof vodka with a fuller flavor profile that will take center stage in any cocktail.

A masterful collaboration, born from a shared passion for vodka, that combines style and craftsmanship.

Crafted from a rare potato variety and rested for two years, our signature vodka is one-of-a-kind.

People misunderstand vodka. They think alcohol is about drinking. No, it’s about passion. It’s about enhancing what we eat. It’s about pairing food and culture and climate with a little bit of Poland’s national drink – vodka.

Tadeusz Dorda, Founder & CEO

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