Our Story

Chopin is a family owned and operated business, something few in the spirit trade can claim. In fact, we are proud to be Poland’s last family owned vodka brand.

When our founder, Tadeusz Dorda, bought Chopin he took on a distillery that had been making vodka since 1896, and with it a piece of Polish history.

Preserving Poland’s centuries-old vodka-making legacy is a responsibility that we take seriously. That is why we are so stubbornly focused on quality, why we are devoted to changing the common misconceptions around vodka, and why we have worked with the same farmers for generations, building lasting relationships based on mutual respect and a passion for creating the world’s best vodka.

We are proud to continue our country’s rich vodka-making traditions, just as we create new ones of our own.

Tadeusz Dorda

Founder & CEO

When I took charge of the distillery it was the start of a wonderful journey. A chance to share our story. To honor the art of making vodka, and create international awareness of our Polish heritage, our farmers, our land, our potatoes, to celebrate and preserve the traditional vodka-making process.

Alexandra Dorda

Chief Marketing Officer

As one of the world’s last true vodka distillers, we are passionate about our craft and about changing the narrative around the vodka category. That is why we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what vodka can be, and challenging the notion that vodka is a bland spirit with no discernable characteristics.

Wojtek Dorda

Regional Sales Manager

What differentiates Chopin from other brands is that we are involved in every step of the process. We start in the fields around the distillery, working with our farmers to plant and harvest potatoes, rye and wheat. We then distill and bottle our spirit in-house. The level of control we have from start to finish is what makes our vodka the best in the world.

Piotr Dorda

Export Director

Being a small, family-owned business means we have deep relationships with all of our partners, especially our farmers, many of whom we have worked with for generations. We know exactly what goes into each and every bottle.”

The Dorda family prides itself on small-batch production and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Meet our Master Distiller

Master Distiller Waldemar Durakiewicz has been with Chopin for more than 40 years, overseeing every step of the distillation process.

It is thanks to Mr. Durakiewicz’s artistry, experience and uncompromising standards that simple ingredients such as potatoes, rye and wheat can be transformed into Chopin’s complex, nuanced vodka.

“I do everything from my heart, so I am proud of everything I make."

Waldemar Durakiewicz
Master Distiller

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