Meet the Makers

All of our ingredients are sourced with 18 miles of the distillery. They are grown naturally without chemicals or pesticides. We either grow our own ingredients on the estate or partner with 70 local farmers who have been working these lands for generations.

Waldemar Durakiewicz

Master Distiller

Mr. Durakiewicz is responsible for overseeing the entirety of the distillation process as well as developing and implementing new distillation projects. He recently celebrated his 40th anniversary with the company.

People have credited Chopin as being the first vodka in the luxury spirit category. Do you feel that this is a fair representation?
This is true, worldwide. Chopin Vodka is the brand that created the category of super-premium vodka. There wasn’t anything like this before Chopin.

Is there a spirit you’ve made that gives you a sense of pride?
I do everything from my heart, so I am proud of everything that I make.

Marek Wierzejski

Potato Farmer

Mr. Wierzejski owns and operates a potato farm approximately half a mile from the Chopin Vodka distillery. His family’s potatoes are supplied to the distillery to produce our signature potato vodka. Marek’s wife, Alicja is Head of Guest Services at the distillery.

We asked him about growing potatoes for Chopin Potato Vodka:
“We’ve been delivering potatoes for the last thirty years. We grow several types of potatoes. The land in Krzesk is perfectly suited for the potatoes. It is light and rich in potassium, which potatoes love.”

Janusz Ługowski

Rye Farmer

Farmer Janusz Ługowski lives less than half a mile from the distillery. We asked him about growing and harvesting for Chopin Rye Vodka:

“Krzesk is good for growing rye. The soil is good here, it’s not heavy, so the rye is good. My family has been farming this land for generations – I was born here, and my family helps work the land. What makes great rye is the climate, the weather, and the quality of the seeds - these are the main things.”

Henryk Grochowski

Wheat Farmer

Farmer Henryk Grochowski grows and harvests wheat along with his 2 sons, less than half a mile away from the distillery. We asked him about growing wheat for Chopin Wheat Vodka:

“I provide wheat to the Chopin Distillery, all grown organically. My family has lived in Krzesk for nearly a century, farming this beautiful land. I’ve been selling wheat to the distillery from my youngest years –from the very beginning.”

Ewa Goszczynska & Wieslawa Jeruzalska

Head of the Laboratory & Technical Lab Manager

The lab is responsible for ensuring the quality of Chopin Vodka, its bottling and its packaging. The team works to ensure every bottle of Chopin Vodka meets quality control regulations. 

Ewa and Wieslawa have been with Chopin for over 20 years.