Our Family

Chopin is a family business that is now in its second generation. The company is proud to be 100% family-owned and have family members working in all aspects of the business – personally assuring the quality of all of its spirits. They are in the pursuit of the best spirits and extracting the best flavor. The Dorda family prides itself on small-batch production and wouldn’t have it any other way. The family is passionate about their craft and so its employees, many have been with the company for more than 30 years.

Chopin is one of the few vodka producers in the world that owns a distillery and produces 100% of its alcohol from raw, hand-selected ingredients (most companies purchase bulk alcohol from large, commercial distilleries and operate primarily as bottlers and marketers).

Tadeusz Dorda

Founder & CEO

Mr. Dorda is responsible for all aspects of Chopin, including its pioneering vision and its guiding philosophy.

When you began with the Chopin distillery, did you have a clear direction for where you wanted to take the brand?

Yes, I did. When I took charge of the distillery, it was the beginning of a wonderful journey. It was a starting place. It was a chance to develop the story into a beautiful one which could be told in such a way that the world can embrace. The story of the art of making vodka; of passion for what we do. For our national heritage, our farmers, our agricultural land, our potatoes. For a different approach, especially since we make vodka. Vodka is such a misunderstood product. People generally think that ‘vodka is vodka’; of course it is not. It’s as romantic as potato farming.

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Alexandra Dorda

Brand Manager

Alexandra is responsible for the visibility of Chopin products and the development of its brand identity. This is done through public events, creative projects and product development.

What responsibilities does the position of Brand Manager include?

I am responsible for the image of the brand. I also work in other areas of the company, such as developing new products and following up with our sales team.

What do you see as the priorities for the Chopin brand?

I think that the priority is getting our story out there more effectively and reaching more people. We’re still a very small brand, and the vodka category is very crowded, but I think that there are many things about our brand that many people would find appealing. And, not enough people know yet what makes us different from other vodka brands.

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Piotr Dorda

Export Director

Piotr manages Chopin’s existing export markets while working to develop distribution partners in new regions.

What does it mean for you to build the family business, and how is that different from working in the other places where you have worked?

Because it’s a family business, apart from it being a job, it’s also part of my life. It’s not a 9-5 job; I spend some weekends at the distillery and travel to see clients. My uncle and my cousins are all involved in the business, so it gives us extra time to spend together.

America is the largest market for Chopin?

America and Canada – this is the largest part of the business.

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Wojtek Dorda

Regional Sales Manager

Wojtek builds relationships with distributors, restaurants and bars, working with them to communicate the work of the distillery and its products.

What sort of relationship do you think is important to build between Chopin and the bars and restaurants that you connect with?

We are trying to build good relationships, but relationships with the spirit which is inside the bottle more so than with the identity of the brand. First of all, to show to the bars and restaurants that the spirit is very good, and on top of that there is a brand behind every one of our products. I would like them to pass on the knowledge about our spirits to the clients of the restaurants and bars, not only encouraging brand recognition. I would rather people were familiar with us a distiller, as the Chopin distillery, not only for Chopin.

How would you like bartenders and waiters to describe Chopin?

I would like them to know we are producing our vodka from the very beginning. So, we’re not a factory that is buying something, cleaning it, putting it into bottles, and selling – but we’re doing everything from the very beginning. We’re planting potatoes, harvesting, and then we produce the vodka. That’s the thing that I would like them to remember. It’s a great product because of the quality control every step of the way. It’s a crafted product.

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