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Chopin Distillery

Trade Materials

Please use the assets provided when including Chopin branding in your project. The assets are high resolution and vector-based when applicable.

If you need additional materials or need files provided in a different size or format, please contact the marketing team at materials at chopinvodka dot com

By downloading and using these assets, you confirm that you are 21 years of age or older.
All copyright remains the sole property of Chopin Imports Ltd. and cannot be changed or modified in any way.

Brand Logos

Chopin Logo

Chopin Potato

Chopin Rye

Chopin Wheat

Chopin Family Reserve

Distillery Logo

Dorda Liqueurs

Dorda Double Chocolate

Dorda Sea Salt

Dorda Sea Salt

Chopin Single

Chopin Life is Fast Tagline

Bottle Images

Chopin Potato

Chopin Rye

Chopin Wheat

Chopin Family Reserve

Dorda Liqueur

Dorda Sea Salt Caramel

Single-Ingredient Vodkas

Single-Ingredient Vodkas with Ingredients

Single-Ingredient Vodkas with Singles

Single-Ingredient Vodkas with Family Reserve

Chopin Collection

Dorda Expressions

Dorda with Ingredients

Dorda with Chopin Rye

Single Potato 2012

Single Young Potato 2011

Single Young Potato 2013

Single Young Potato 2014

Single Young Potato 2015

Chopin Sales Sheets




Family Reserve

Vodka Portfolio

Vodka Portfolio Bartender

Vodka Portfolio Industry

Family Reserve Bartender

Family Reserve Industry

Dorda Sales Sheets

Double Chocolate

Sea Salt Caramel

Dorda Portfolio

Dorda Portfolio Industry

Double Chocolate Industry

Sea Salt Caramel Industry

Blue Cheese Martini

Blue Cheese Martini Sales Sheet

Table Tent Front

Table Tent Back

Table Tent A-Frame

Recipe Booklets

Sea Salt Caramel Recipe Collection

Recipe Sheets

Chopin Bloody Mary

Chopin Cider Mill

Chopin Holiday Punch

Chopin Holiday Punch Single

Chopin Christmas Cosmopolitan

Dorda Salted Caramel Eggnog

Chopin Snow White

Chopin White Christmas

Dorda Caramel Apple

Steak & Chopin Potato Martini

Tasting Cards

Chopin Single Potato

Chopin Single Young Potato

Dorda Sea Salt Caramel

Dorda Double Chocolate

Chopin Rye

Chopin Wheat

Chopin Potato

Chopin Family Reserve