Our Distillery

We are the proud stewards of the Chopin Vodka distillery and are working to preserve the centuries old Polish tradition of vodka distillation. A national treasure dating back to the 19th century, our distillery is located in the picturesque village of Krzesk. We are one of the few vodka producers in the world that owns a distillery and produces 100% of our alcohol from raw, hand-selected ingredients (most companies purchase bulk alcohol from large, commercial distilleries and operate primarily as bottlers and marketers).

The Dorda family acquired the distillery in 2003, restoring its traditional operations to their former splendor as well as modernizing its bottling and packaging facilities. The techniques used to create Chopin Vodka, including the use of the distillery’s original copper column still, have changed very little since its inception and much of the process is still done by hand.

We source the majority of our ingredients from within 25 miles of our distillery, ensuring that we always use the freshest seasonal potatoes, rye and wheat. It is vital for us to know where our ingredients come from, which is why we have worked with many of the same family farms in Krzesk for decades. We have even started to grow our own potatoes in an effort to better understand our favorite ingredient. We take great pride in the quality of the ingredients, our traditional techniques and in people who help us to make our vodkas.