Pink Ribbon Campaign 2017

Chopin Vodka is committed to realising the vision of a world without breast cancer. Chopin Vodka began its commitment to the cause of breast cancer in 2011 with the launch of its first Pink Ribbon Campaign. Each year, Chopin Vodka releases a special edition of its award-winning potato vodka in a pink bottle in order to raise awareness for the cause and money for research. In 2016, Chopin Vodka redesigned its pink bottle to make it even more visually impactful, and in 2017 Chopin produced a total of 63,000 bottles in support of its Pink Ribbon campaign. To date, Chopin has donated $70,000 dollars in support of this critical cause.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women worldwide. The American Cancer Society has estimated that in 2017 there will be approximately 250,000 new cases of female breast cancer diagnosed in the United States. Early detection through screening and increased awareness has resulted in a significant reduction in the percentage of breast cancer deaths (38% decline from 1989 to 2014) but much work remains to be done. Research is focussed on determining its causes in order to reduce risk factors and to prevent new cases, new lab and imaging tests for early detection, and pioneering more effective methods of treatment. Although women with breast cancer are the most deeply affected, the families and loved-ones of those who are battling the disease share the heavy burden.

The battle against breast cancer requires a global response, which requires global awareness. Chopin Vodka is working to raise awareness through its annual Pink Ribbon Campaign. While the eradication of breast cancer may be beyond our reach at the moment, we believe that, in partnership with all of the exceptional Pink Ribbon initiatives around the world, an end to breast cancer can be achieved.