Wojtek Dorda

Regional Sales Manager

Wojtek builds relationships with distributors, restaurants and bars, working with them to communicate the work of the distillery and its products.


What sort of relationship do you think is important to build between Chopin and the bars and restaurants that you connect with?

We are trying to build good relationships, but relationships with the spirit which is inside the bottle more so than with the identity of the brand. First of all, to show to the bars and restaurants that the spirit is very good, and on top of that there is a brand behind every one of our products. I would like them to pass on the knowledge about our spirits to the clients of the restaurants and bars, not only encouraging brand recognition. I would rather people were familiar with us a distiller, as the Chopin distillery, not only for Chopin.


How would you like bartenders and waiters to describe Chopin?

I would like them to know we are producing our vodka from the very beginning. So, we’re not a factory that is buying something, cleaning it, putting it into bottles, and selling – but we’re doing everything from the very beginning. We’re planting potatoes, harvesting, and then we produce the vodka. That’s the thing that I would like them to remember. It’s a great product because of the quality control every step of the way. It’s a crafted product.


What are the newest trends for drinking artisan vodka?

Bartenders like to make everything that is possible by themselves, so they are looking for small-crafted products instead of big brands.


So the bartenders have become chefs behind the bar?

Exactly! It used to be that they wanted well-known brand brands to mix in their cocktails. Now they’re trying to surprise their guests, both with the flavors as well as with the products that they’re using. So, not only with spirits, but they are making syrups by themselves, herbs, macerates, and other products.


What do you like to drink, and how do you like to drink it?

I like to drink the Chopin Potato because it’s a product that you can use in many different ways.