When Chopin Vodka was first created there were very few choices of vodka available – although the bottles varied, the spirits inside them were much the same. The opinion of most people has been that vodka cannot be a premium spirit; over the past twenty-five years, Chopin Vodka has worked tirelessly to change this misconception.

When Chopin Vodka was first introduced, it created the luxury segment of the vodka market. Our elegant frosted bottle with its iconic window has been imitated many times over, but ours was the first. Chopin elevated the quality of its vodka by meticulously sourcing and distilling its local ingredients of potato, wheat and rye. Over the years, we’ve discovered the distinctive characteristics of each ingredient and the influence of the sun, rain and wind on the flavors distilled from each year's harvest.

The journey of Chopin Vodka has only just started. Our mirrored 25th anniversary bottle celebrates the ground that we’ve covered since we began and toasts the adventure that lays ahead.