The Glass Canvas Competition Winners


Students of Poland's renowned Academies of Fine Arts in Warsaw & Gdańsk re-imagine the Chopin Vodka bottle

Art and Design is important to Chopin Vodka because they share common values with our approach to distillation. These values include the creative process of conceiving exciting new possibilities, the trial and error of bringing ideas to life, and the lifestyle of venturing into new experiences. It is for these shared values that Chopin Vodka not only supports the arts, but feels strongly that we are part of a shared community.

In March 2016, the Chopin Vodka brand began a collaboration with the Academies of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Gdańsk. The collaboration was called the Glass Canvas competition and it asked students to create projects on a ‘blank’ bottle of Chopin Vodka. The idea was to encourage students to think differently by changing their artistic material; beyond this simple criterion there were no restrictions. In the end, 81 artists submitted a total of 121 projects; the majority coming from the graphic design departments of these schools.

The dialogue between the Chopin Vodka brand and these aspiring artists is the brainchild of Tadeusz Dorda, owner of Chopin Vodka; who is not only an art enthusiast but, more importantly, a long-time supporter of young artists.

“Combining Chopin Vodka with the creativity of students is exciting! It benefits all of us. I want the students to see how their ideas can be brought to life in the real world – that’s why we plan to choose a selection of the best projects and produce them in a limited edition series.”

Tadeusz Dorda,  Chopin Vodka, Owner

Each project presented the musings of a different student; many were brilliantly and professionally crafted. A distinguished jury consisting of representatives of the Polish Academies of Fine Arts and Chopin Vodka met together on the 20th of April to decide upon the winners. Each bottle was given consideration and, after significant discussion, the winners were selected.
The winning bottle is a stunning submission by Anastasia Dawydiuk of the Gdańsk Academy, Faculty of Graphic Design. Its clean form with layered dimensions of movement of light and colour was an instant favourite and a unanimous pick. In second place, a playful bottle from Beata Świerczyńska of the Warsaw Academy, is reminiscent of summertime pleasures. In third place, a riotous project by Magdalena Päpke, utilises a graffiti of musical notes to capture the rebellious spirit of Gdańsk, as well as Chopin’s Rye vodka.

In addition to the three winning projects, there were five honorary mentions. All eight of these students will be invited on an organised visit to the Chopin Vodka distillery in Krzesk in order to meet Tadeusz Dorda, Brand Manager Alexandra Dorda, and to learn about (and to taste!) Chopin Vodka. It’s our hope that by providing insights into how Chopin Vodka is produced we will be able to contribute to the knowledge of the students, which could be useful in their professional futures as designers.

An exhibition of the projects is now being prepared and will soon be announced. Chopin Vodka is also working on the possibility of producing a limited series of selected bottles, including the Dawydiuk’s winning submission.